Third European NTA Workshop

Stockholm, Sweden, October 29, 2010
in Conference room at Institute for Futures Studies, floor 4, Holländargatan 13, entry code 8285, 29 October 2010, 9.00-16.30

Presenters please prepare for a 20-25 minute presentation to leave room for discussion.

9.00 Welcome
Thomas Lindh
9.10 Sweden and Finland - The crises of the 1990s and NTA
Reijo, Risto, Jovan and Daniel
10.00 Net Present Value of a Child using NTA profiles
10.50 Break for a walk or other refreshment
11.00 General Equilibrium models of European NTA countries
11.50 Lunch at the Institute (wraps)
13.00 EuroNTA homepage
13.30 Generalisation of NTA to unpaid household labour
Robert and Marton
14.20 Break for coffee or other refreshment
14.30 Measuring the degree of government intervention on intergenerational family transfers using NTA estimates
15.20 The First and Second Demographic Dividend in European NTA Countries
Alexia and Joze
16.10 Summing up and preparing next meeting
16.30 End of workshop


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